• Takaaki Yagi

    Born in 1973 and lives in Tokyo. After dropping out of university, studied contemporary art at B-Semi Schooling System and Bigakko. From 1997 to 2000, he worked as an artist, exhibiting installations in solo and group exhibitions. After becoming independent, he has been running FORM::PROCESS since 2002 as an art director and designer, and has received The One Show GOLD award in 2007, as well as other national and international awards. In parallel, he has been creating experimental artwork, and this site presents his personal body of work, which he has created intermittently since 1994 until recently.

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  • 八木 崇晶

    1973年生、東京都在住。大学を中退後、美学校・Bゼミで現代美術を学ぶ。1997〜2000年まで美術家として個展やグループ展でインスタレーション作品を発表した後、独学でデザイナーとして活動を始め制作会社に3年半ほど在籍。独立後の2002年よりFORM::PROCESSを主宰しアートディレクター・デザイナーとして活動しており、2007年にはThe One Show GOLD他国内外で受賞している。並行して実験的なアートワークも制作しており、このサイトには1994年から最近まで断続的に制作したパーソナルな作品を掲載している。


  • Context

    The boundary between oneself and the world, or between the inside and the outside, always seems to be a relative and ambiguous relationship. Therefore, I feel a sense of reality in the fact that what I make and what is made exist at the same time. This is the reason why I use ready-made materials and leave the work to randomness. By abstracting reality, art has the aspect of freeing the human spirit from the chaos that spreads before our eyes every day. It is a relief to know that the world in which we find ourselves is surprisingly simple.

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