Born in 1973 and lives in Tokyo. After dropping out of Tamagawa University, studied contemporary art at B-Semi Schooling System and Bigakko. From 1997 to 2000, he worked as an artist, exhibiting installations in solo and group exhibitions. Since 2002, he has run his own design studio, FORM::PROCESS, where he works as an art director and designer. He has won awards for advertising and design in Japan and abroad, including a GOLD award at The One Show in 2007. In parallel, he also produces experimental artwork through independent production.
This site contains personal works created intermittently from 1994, when I was a student in the B-semi Schooling System, until recently. Although there is a wide range from the thoughtful to the spur of the moment, they reflect who I was at that time.
1973年生まれ、東京都在住。玉川大学芸術学科中退後、美学校・Bゼミで現代美術を学ぶ。1997年から2000年まで美術家として個展やグループ展でインスタレーション作品を発表するも、独学でデザインの仕事を始め制作会社に3年半ほど在籍した後、2002年より FORM::PROCESSを主宰しアートディレクター・デザイナーとして活動している。2007年にはThe One ShowでGOLD受賞他、国内外で広告やデザインのアワードを受賞。並行して自主制作による実験的なアートワークも制作している。
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